Women's Tank Top
Women's Tank Top
Women's Tank Top
Women's Tank Top
Women's Tank Top

Women's Tank Top

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That same Volcanxx temperature regulating fabric in a slim fitting tank top.


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How is this better than any other shirt?

Stay Warm 30% Longer

•  The 37.5® Technology volcanic sand particles embedded in the fabric reacts to the infrared heat signals coming from your body to either disperse heat when you start to overheat or reflect heat when you are cold.

•  This process helps you maintain a core, comfortable temperature longer in both cold and warm climates.

Stay Cool 30% Longer

•  You have more energy to put toward the work at hand when your clothing is keeping your body at optimal temperature.

•  Responds to your body to provide a wider range of comfort in fluctuating temperatures and at varied activity levels. 

•  Delays the onset of sweat by pulling moisture out of the system.

"The most comfortable performance shirt"

"Much more comfortable than other performance shirts"

"Far superior to any other shirts I have."

"This shirt is extremely comfortable, helps you stay dry even on the hottest day."