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We are getting ready to launch a new line of temperature control clothing; yes, clothing that keeps you cool in hot weather and helps warm you up in cold weather. You've probably heard of clothing that helps keep you cool, passively that is, and clothing that helps keep you warm but both? In fact, the more accurate description would be to say we are creating clothing that adapts to your body temperature to keep you comfortable as your body temperature fluctuates. Regular wicking fabrics found in most tech wear or athletic garments results in a passive process of moving sweat from your skin by letting it disperse and evaporate over time. We have found a way to keep you cool by removing vapor before it becomes sweat so you stay more dry and cool than ever before. And yes, we've done all this with the help of volcanoes! Just imagine the amount of heat in a volcano and then imagine what you would have to do to survive in that heat? This is nature at its most intense heat and its most intense intelligence. This is where we may have just found the "holy grail" of fabric technology. Volcanic sand particles use infrared energy to disperse the most intense heat on the planet. Now imagine using that technology in a fabric that you can wear everyday; a fabric that can manage the hot and cold energy that your body emits and return it back to you to keep you at a core temperature where you are the most comfortable. This is what we are doing with our fabric and we will launching this groundbreaking product line through Kickstarter in a few months. We will be giving special deals to those who sign up for our newsletter and you will be the first to know when we do launch. So sign up now. Join our community and get ready!