What customers are saying...

"bought a shirt for my boyfriend and he absolutely loves it. "

Christine W.

I received the package today. Clothing is great-light, breathable. The buff is a nice extra too. Quality stuff. Thanks!

Adi G.

I love my new t-shirts ! 

Pascale T.

Just got the shirts! They look, feel and fit amazing. Medium long and short sleeve, both are fitting super

Nick L.

I was prepared not to love the shirts. I was so wrong. They arrived today and my husband and I say the same thing “ so comfortable”. Now I need the short sleeve version.

Joanne N.

LOVE your shirt creation!

Steve O.

I've been testing them on various occasions (hiking, trekking, travel, work) and washing them after. I really love them! They do as they're told and do seem to adapt to my own body temperature. I have eczema and very much appreciate this last factor. 

Stefanie V.

I loved my tshirt and want to order some more.

Ronadh C.

As I started wearing it few days in a row, it became quite apparent that not only it fits so well, but also I no longer sweat at all, which previously was quite a huge issue regardless of what I'd wear. Really, really pleased with your product.


Got my tees last week and they are awesome! Love the feel of the material and how they fit me. You have a wonderful product here.

Glenn G.

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Compared to other fabrics

By far, this shirt will become my favorite shirt. Excellent feel while keeping me dry."

"Much more comfortable than other performance shirts"

"Far superior to any other shirts I have."

"This shirt is extremely comfortable, helps you stay dry even on the hottest day." 


Volcanxx® is a revolutionary fabric that uses the best technology and natural materials to adapt to your body temperature and your environment.

Why? When your body isn't trying to warm you or cool you down you save energy and are more comfortable and capable. You just feel better all the time!

What does it do?

*helps cool you down when you are hot and warm you up when you are cold

*helps you maintain a comfortable personal micro climate of 37.5 degrees

*removes sweat in the vapor stage before liquid sweat forms traps odors and releases them when washed and dried

How does it work?

The 37.5® Technology volcanic sand particles embedded in the fabric reacts to the infrared heat signals coming from your body to either disperse heat when you start to overheat or reflect heat when you are cold. This process helps you maintain a core, comfortable temperature longer in both cold and warm climates.

Why is it better?

You have more energy to put toward the work at hand when your clothing is keeping your body at optimal temperature.

•  responds to your body to provide a wider range of comfort in fluctuating temperatures and at varied activity levels. 

•  delays the onset of sweat by pulling moisture out of the system.